Complete Floor Care

We are known for being a leader in the business when it comes to scrubbing, stripping and refinishing floors. We have a proven work history and only employ professionals that perform to the highest of industry standards. Ask us for a reference!

Our program guarantees well-maintained floors, which are essential to your facility's first impression.

If not properly maintained dirt, foot traffic, and other environmental elements can damage your floors permanently, causing unsightly scratches and discoloration. With proper daily maintenance and a periodic renewal program, your floors will maintain their shine and lessen the impact of everyday wear and tear, thus increasing floor longevity, and saving you money in the long run.

Our trained floor technicians provide complete commercial quality maintenance of resilient floors. This includes regular maintenance to include buffing, scrubbing and recoating, auto scrubbing, high-speed polishing (burnishing) and complete stripping/refinishing/sealing. We use only the highest quality floor products to ensure lasting results.